The 'City Smoker' Mini Demo Model

  1. The 'City Smoker' is a miniature oven we constructed to demonstrate how the smoker system works on this and our other oven models
  2. But the great news is, the 'City Smoker' is available to be manufactured for those who are content with cooking 1 pizza at a time, or a small amount of smoked goods at one time (Eg small 'Mom & Pop' food and private residences).
  3. Folks ordering this models will see their 'City Smoker' measururing in at 80cm x 60cm and weighing in at approx 450kg. Inside diameter approx 55cm x 35xm. The 'City Smoker can easily accommodate 1 x 14" Pizza and around 2 - 3 kg or meats for smoking.
  4. For smoking, wood is burned in the 'smokerbox' on the left and the smoke and mild heat travels through to the oven deliverying delicious bacons, hams, chicken, pork etc.
  5. Any of our oven models that incorporates our 'City Smoker Option' comes with racking to hang your favourite delicacies and shelving also.
  6. Exterior can be beautified to your specifications.  Constructed as a Wood-Fired or Wood Fired & Gas combination with smoker included.
  7.  Can request various other features if desired
  8. Stainless steel door.
  9. Insulated to retain heat in both the dome and floor.  Can easily accommodate temperatures of 500 Deg Celcius.
  10. Designed  to be positioned in a permanent area or mobile with wheels

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