Our wood fired ovens not only cook delightful Pizza's but professional Chef's & the multitude of others who just love cooking can do a lot more in our ovens as the video demonstrates...  And you'll pay a lot less for a Real Wood-Fired brick oven...

So you love to cook pizza's & other baked foods? - then indulge your culinary skills with a REAL 100% hand-crafted traditional Pizza Plus Pizza Oven 

Our ovens are considerably less than what you'd expect to pay elsewhere!

    We make beautiful Pizza Plus! wood fired ovens and, whilst predominently used for cooking traditional pizza's, they're also designed to cook virtually anything else you'd care to eat that tastes best from a wood fired oven. From whole potatoes, beef, pork ribs, chicken, ham, bacon & other pork cuts are just a few that come to mind!

Our ovens are 100% hand crafted from the floor up, and have been made locally in UdonThani Province for over 8 years. Each oven is very 'special', to us, in that your oven has been created with loving care and attention with no pre-casting or imported items used whatsoever. With our distinct clay's, secret floor and dome design, insullation & 1000 Deg fire bricks makes our ovens impossible to beat from a quality and pricing standpoint.

We are also delighted to discuss any special features that you would like to incorporate into your Pizza Plus! Wood Fired Oven. Oh, and we can even have as an optional extra, the ability to connect by gas.

And it's because of these qualities and more... Is why we're called Pizza Plus! Ovens!


Namsom, Udon Thani Province
Thailand 41210


Email: support@pizzaovensthailand.com
Phone:  +66 (0) 626 989 011
LINE Id:  hooraay

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